Benefits of NAFA

  • "NAFA Has interesting topics with vivacious speakers. I am glad to be here."

    — K. Fisher, CRNA

    "All information is integrated well. Love all the simulation and the group interactions."

    — A. Pressly, CRNA

    "I felt the topics were fantastic. The teachers were phenomenal."

    — A. Seelandt, CRNA

  • "I have really enjoyed the course content. The open and closed claims - though I dreaded it - was actually a real eye opener! Thank you. So much to think about."

    — K. Meyers, CRNA

    "Love the simulation lab. Best part of the course. Please continue to offer it."

    — H. Gschnell, CRNA

    "Great conference! So real life and pertinent! Loved the simulators!"

    — R. Browder, CRNA

  • "I have enjoyed the conference. The topics were informative and interesting. I will take back information to fellow colleagues about the material"

    — V. Plisko, CRNA

    "Great lectures - nice refresher. Good mix of business and leisure."

    — J. Campbell, CRNA

    "Great! Always learning something new."

    — K. Leveling, CRNA

  • "I was not even thinking about the DNAP program. I am now thinking seriously about it. I also have a son in nursing school heading towards CRNA. Great information."

    — D. Glenn, CRNA

    "I have truly benefited from the unique integration of simulation and alternative lectures as part of this conference."

    — J. Parks, CRNA

    "Interesting topics, relaxing atmosphere. Great speakers!"

    — C. Guyer, CRNA

  • "NAFA continues to maintain the high-quality standards set by its founder Herbert T. Watson. Knowledgeable speakers, pertinent topics and quality accommodations are paramount to NAFA success."

    — E. Lesniak, CRNA

    "NAFA conference was great! Interesting speakers and topics."

    —C. Houser, CRNA

    "I love the energy and enthusiasim of the presenters."

    —P. Clark, CRNA

  • "Great meeting with pertinent topics. Great location and accommodations."

    — F. Cook, CRNA

    "I have enjoyed for the past several years the NAFA meetings and would recommend them to any CRNA - Keep up the good work!"

    — B. Brown, CRNA

    "This conference has been very informative. Everything was very well organized and planned with attention to details."

    — S. Lingrosso, CRNA

Nurse Anesthesia Faculty Associates offers the highest quality CRNA seminars and continuing education opportunities available for anesthesia providers.

The slate of innovative programs we’ve planned for 2016 focuses on all aspects of updating current anesthesia practice and meeting state nursing licensure requirements.

NAFA strives to advance the art and science of nurse anesthesia and create fertile ground for scholars, faculty and students. By choosing us for your CRNA seminars and continuing education requirements, you’ll not only benefit from the most advanced research and current practices, but also have time to spend with your family exploring our exciting destinations. With a portion of the profits from our training opportunities used for student scholarships, you’ll also support future generations of nurse anesthetists.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events! More »

Plan ahead

NAFA Snowshoe CRNA Continuing education

March 2 - March 5, 2016
7th Annual Summit at Snowshoe Mountain
Snowshoe, W. Va.

hilton head crna

June 1 - June 4, 2016
30th Annual Anesthesia Seminar
Hilton Head, S.C.

Sept. 17-18, 2016
Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management
Richmond, Va.

 NAFA williamsburg crna seminar meeting

Nov. 7-10, 2016
39th Annual Anesthesia Conference
Williamsburg, Va.

Nov 28 - Dec. 1, 2016
35th Annual Anesthesia Meeting
Disney World

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