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History of NAFA

Nurse Anesthesia Faculty Associates was founded in 1977 in conjunction with the historic move of incorporating nurse anesthesia education into the framework of formal graduate education. With Virginia Commonwealth University’s inauguration of the first program awarding a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology, continuing education became the third focus of a triangle devoted to nurse anesthesia education.

 Michael D. Fallacaro and Herbert T. Watson
  • Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology (generic)
  • Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (post-graduate DNAP)
  • Continuing education (recertification requirement)

NAFA took a different direction in nurse anesthetist education and broke away from the traditional predominance of all-physician lecturers for nurse anesthetist continuing education programs. Instead, participating faculty struck a balance between anesthesiologists and CRNA educators and clinicians. This approach is in line with the educational philosophy that a profession takes responsibility for setting standards for scope of practice and to ensure the educational preparation of their members to achieve the necessary knowledge and clinical skills.

The success of NAFA’s educational programs continues under the meeting directorship of Michael D. Fallacaro, DNS, CRNA, FAAN professor and chair of the VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia and Herbert T. Watson, MEd, CRNA, emeritus professor and former chairman, Department of Nurse Anesthesia.

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